How You Can Help

Spread the Word...

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Tell everyone you know to alter kittens by 4 months so they don't reproduce andĀ develop behavior problems.



Raise Money

  • Get your co-workers to gather their change to donate. You could all bring bagged lunches for a week and donate the money you would have spent eating out!
  • Organize "Bring your dog to work" day. A group of eight friends did this at their workplaces and charged people $10 to bring their dogs for one day. Their employers matched their donations and they raised $7,500 for their local spay/neuter clinic!
  • Have a bake sale at work! Make some cookies or brownies and sell them. A school sold green cupcakes and plants during St. Patrick's Day week and made $280!
  • Celebrate your birthday by asking your friends and family to make a donation to VT-CAN! in your honor!
  • Do you work in a restaurant or retail store? Donate gift certificates to VT-CAN!. We can use these for prizes and fundraisers, and to get needed supplies from places like home supply and pet stores.
  • Do you have a special skill? We are always looking for help with projects like painting, printing, marketing, photography, writing, and data entry!
  • Put your skills to work by volunteering with VT-CAN!. (For liability and safety concerns, volunteers may not handle animals.)

Spay it Forward!

Make a difference for a special dog or cat in our community. (We think they're all special, of course!)

Through our Spay it Forward program, you can sponsor a spay/neuter surgery for one of these special animals.

  • Cat - $75
  • Other donation
    • Your donation, combined with others, can cover the cost of surgeries

Looking for a great gift idea? Give your friends and family members a gift that will have lasting impact in preventing the overpopulation of dogs and cats. We'll notify the recipient of your donation in their honor.

Use our PayPal option or send donations to us at:
VT-CAN! Spay/Neuter Clinic
19A Bailey Meadows Rd.
Middlesex, VT 05602