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Vermont Companion Animal Neutering, Middlesex, VT

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Nobody likes going to the doctor, but the benefits of going are worth it. You and your cat will be happier!

Surgeries at VT-CAN! are done on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The best way to schedule an appointment is by email.

If you have email, please Click Here to email about scheduling an appointment (fastest way). Otherwise, please call 802-223-0034 to schedule an appointment.

Remember- fastest and best way to schedule an appointment is by email. Click Here

We do same day discharge - all animals are dropped off and picked up the same day.

VT-CAN! offers reduced cost spay/neuter for people who cannot afford to go to a full service veterinarian because of income or because they have numerous animals.

VT-CAN! wants to help people have their animals spayed or neutered.

Common Problems share a simple solution!

My male cat has started spraying.
Male cats neutered early are far less likely to ever start spraying. Neuter your male cat early - as young as 8 weeks!

My female cat is in heat and the yowling is driving me crazy.
Spay females before their first heat and they won't yowl and the chances of them getting certain kinds of cancers have been eliminated.

My male dog keeps roaming and humping our guests' legs.
Neutered males are less likely to roam and bother guests with undesirable behavior.

My female dog is spotting on the rug and all male dogs in the neighborhood keep coming to our yard.
Spayed females do not spot and do not attract unwanted visits from male suitors.

Spay/Neuter eliminates the risk of certain cancers and reduces many undesirable behaviors. Spayed or neutered dogs and cats are happier, healthier, companions.

Preventing problems before they start is much easier than trying to stop them once they have begun!

We now offer microchips at the time of surgery for $25!
Vermont Companion Animal Neutering, 19A Bailey Meadows Road, Middlesex, Vermont 05602 ~ 802-223-0034